Donation of 100 memory foam mattresses for Preschool institution „Biseri“ in Trstenik

The Biserni osmeh Association donated 100 memory foam mattresses as part of the “Smile for Kids” campaign. We believe that in early childhood, the psycho-physical development of our little ones is very important.

Good sleep is necessary, and especially important in childhood, because it affects mental and physical development. The brain develops incredibly fast in childhood, so only night sleep is not enough for children. They also need regular daily rest periods. It is well known that poor and too short sleep can be the cause of a child’s psychophysical problems in the later years of his or her life. Thus, an adolescent who did not sleep well enough as a child may have a problem with a lack of concentration, certain cognitive problems, and may show poorer learning success. Insufficient sleep, or irregular sleep, can result in decreased immunity, development of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes ..

That is why we believe that providing memory foam mattresses is of the utmost importance for the quality sleep of preschool children and the best investment in their further proper psycho-physical development.