Donation for four regional departments of the elementary school “Sveti Sava” Trstenik

In accordance with its mission to provide better learning conditions for preschool and school children and in cooperation with donors from Austria, the association “Biserni osmeh” conducted another donation campaign wishing a happy and successful start to the new school year to all students.
This time, the donation is intended for four regional departments of the elementary school “Sveti Sava” in Stublica, Popina, Dublje and Brezovica. The association “Biserni osmeh” donated teaching aids (mobile boards, cabinets, televisions, DVDs) and sports equipment. Part of the donation is protective equipment, masks and gloves, which are more than needed in pandemic conditions.
The articles about our donor action could be seen within the show “This is Serbia” broadcast by the Radio Television of Serbia, but also the show “Globus” broadcast by TV Plus Krusevac.
This is another in a series of donations by which the association “Biserni osmeh” strives to give its contribution in these challenging times when solidarity is most important.
The association “Biserni osmeh” will continue to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of our children’s education, because we believe that by investing in their education, we are investing in their future.