About Us

The “Biserni osmeh” association was founded in March 2019 in Trstenik. Its founders and major donors are Mr. Stevan Jakovljevic and Mr. Boris Raskovic, who is also the director of the Association. Part of the Association is also Andrijana Lazarevic as Project Coordinator, but also volunteers to whom we are very grateful for their contribution to the realization of our actions. We owe a special thanks to all our past and future partners.

The association was founded with the aim of supporting young athletes, scientists and artists on the road to achieving their goals and dreams. We believe that young, hardworking and dedicated people who believe in their potential, who achieve good results, deserve support and that is why the Association is there to contribute to their further development and future success through financial incentives, whether in the form of equipment.

For those who have the will and believe in their dreams with Biserni osmeh will come to their destination!

The Association also strives to improve the quality of the toddlers ‘and preschoolers’ living conditions in kindergartens and pre-schools. We believe that by providing a healthy, clean and safe environment to our little ones, we care about their health and safety. And by providing them with adequate playing and learning conditions in their kindergartens, we care about their education and development.

Because only a healthy and loved child is a happy child, and only one who is happy can spread happiness around him!

The Association also pays great attention to elementary and secondary school students in an effort to contribute to improving the quality of conditions in the schools they attend, but also through various actions to encourage them to foster a competitive spirit, to foster solidarity among their peers and to realize that only united can we achieve all our dreams!